Essays of a Soviet Scientists

Essays of a Soviet Scientists

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qVitalii Goldanskii has captured the restless, vital and often violent spirit of much of the last century in science and politics, particularly in the former Soviet Union. These essays offer a fascinating look into the workings of one of today's most versatile and socially responsible scientistsq. -- Glenn T. Seaborg, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Born to Jewish parents in the small village of Vitebsk, Russia, Vitalii Goldanskii lived and worked through the earth-shaking events that have shaped modern Russia, from the Communist revolution to Gorbachev's fledgling Russian democracy. The articles, essays, and interviews that make up Essays of a Soviet Scientist offer Goldanskii's reminiscences of his extraordinary scientific mentors and colleagues, his reflections on the obligations of science to humanity, his writings on the arts and the media, his passionate arguments against nuclear weapons, and his warnings about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in today's Russia.The birth of a new idea, the appearance of a new problem, a new line of research a€” whether it came from N.N. himself or initially from outside, such as an urgent need of the country or an order from above a€” consumed him completely, likeanbsp;...

Title:Essays of a Soviet Scientists
Author:Vitaliĭ Iosifovich Golʹdanskiĭ
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1997


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