Essays in Collective Epistemology

Essays in Collective Epistemology

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We often talk about groups believing, knowing, and testifying. Epistemic claims of this sort are often of significant consequence, given that they bear on the moral and legal responsibilities of collective entities. Essays in Collective Epistemology brings together new papers in the area by some of the leading figures in social epistemology. All of the papers focus on fundamental issues framing the epistemological literature on groups, and offer newinsights or developments to the current debates: some do so by providing novel examinations of the epistemological relationship that groups bear to their members, while others point to new, cutting edge approachesto theorizing about concepts and issues related to collective entities. Anyone working in epistemology, or concerned with issues involving the social dimensions of knowledge, should find the papers in this book both interesting and valuable.Before focusing on these discussions, we need to explain Gilberta#39;s joint commitment account. ... He now has, if you like, a commitment of the will. ... By definition, when there is a personal commitment the committed person has unilaterally brought his commitment into being and can rescind it unilaterally by changing hisanbsp;...

Title:Essays in Collective Epistemology
Author:Jennifer Lackey
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2015-01-20


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