Essays from the Margins

Essays from the Margins

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These essays emerge from different crucial and complex conflicts: from the memory of the sixteenth-century bishop, BartolomAŽ de las Casas, urging the pope of his time to cleanse the church of complicity with violence, oppression, and slavery; from the lament and defiance of so many Middle Eastern women, victims of male domination and wars; from the voices bursting out from the colonial margins that dare to question and transgress the norms and laws imposed by colonisers and conquerors; from the emerging and diverse theological disruptions of traditional orthodoxies and rigid dogmatisms; from the denial of human rights to immigrant communities, living in the shadows of opulent societies; from the use of the sacred Hebrew Scriptures to displace and dispossess the indigenous peoples of Palestine. The essays belong to different intellectual genres and conceptual crossroads and are thus illustrative of the dialogic imagination that the Russian intellectual Mikhail Bakhtin considered basic to any serious intellectual enterprise. They are also the literary sediment of years of sharing lectures, dialogues, and debates in several academic institutions in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, and Palestine.This a dream shared by many israelis and Palestinians, be they Jews, muslims, Christians or non-believers. a dream of ... chapter 7 (a€œa Dream of Peacea€), 163a€“ 75; raheb, I Am a Palestinian Christian, conclusion (a€œi have a Dreama€), 112a€“16;anbsp;...

Title:Essays from the Margins
Author:Luis N. Rivera-Pag‡n
Publisher:The Lutterworth Press - 2015-04-30


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