Escaping Oz

Escaping Oz

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The financial shocks to our economy left the public dazed and confused. How could this happen? Can't the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve fix this? Who is responsible for this mess? What can I do to help the country and myself? These answers are important not just for your family's welfare but for the broader goal of our country's future - both political and economic. Politics and economics will become inseparable in the years ahead. Escaping Oz presents a fundamental description of our crisis. This is not a book about assigning blame or dealing in conspiracy theories. It is a very no-nonsense detailing of how we got here and what we should do to escape the financial quagmire. Those expecting a rescue from our qWizardsq will be placing their welfare in peril. The story of The Wizard of Oz serves as the metaphor for where we find ourselves economically. Jim Mosquera uses this metaphor to help people understand what at times can be an intimidating subject. This book could be one of the most important publications many people will read in the next few years. An understanding of the economic issues will be essential as economics and politics continue to intersect in the future.Granted, I was single and had no obligations or debt but my dad questioned me about how much I spent on that car. After discount, the car ... Today, I cannot imagine spending half my annual salary on a car even if I were in the same circumstance. Though I was raised ... The lender had confidence that I would pay off the loan in three years and I had the confidence that I could as well. Three years later, Ianbsp;...

Title:Escaping Oz
Author:Jim Mosquera - 2011-01-19


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