Episodes in a Rich Life

Episodes in a Rich Life

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What's this about 'Episodes in a Rich Life?'q asked my Imaginary Friend. I'm always embarrassed when my IF speaks up, but glad that this time we were-that is, that I was-alone. If I ever admitted to the world my IF exists, some would doubt my sanity. Others would have their opinions confirmed. qI can't remember a time, q my IF continued, qwhen you've had enough in your pocket to talk about being rich.q I looked around, saw no one in earshot, and broke my rule against replying to my IF. qThere are ways of being rich without having much cash, q I explained. qYou can have friends, enjoy experiences, learn much about a multitude of things . . . all of that, and more. And you can properly consider yourself rich.q qWhen you put it like that, q my IF admitted, qI can see your point. One more thing you mustn't forget.q qAnd what's that?q I wondered. qMaybe I should have put it in my book.q qYou always have me, q said my IF. qThis conversation is over, q I said. qIn fact, it never happened.q . . . Not long after I retired, I joined a Journal Writers group of senior citizens. Each week, I had to write (and read to the group) a page or so, telling what had happened to me, either during the week previous or sometime in the past. I have bundled many of these Episodes into more-or-less related groups that I call Chapters, but the reader may call them qAggregationsq-I sincerely hope not qAggravations.q The point is, I have experienced these Episodes and enjoyed most of them, and I hope the Reader enjoys them, too, whether reading straight through the book, or doing random samplingThe Navy, someone pointed out long ago, is very aquot;high churchaquot; when it comes to ceremonial. The graduating class at Great Lakes proved it. There were precision marching and manual-of-arms demonstrations, a pretty good young choir and band, and flags of various ... heard a 16-gun salute a€” the big guns were outside, but their aquot;boomaquot; rattled things inside the drill hall where the ceremonies were held.

Title:Episodes in a Rich Life
Author:Raymond Wentworth
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-03-01


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