Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

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The 2nd edition has recently been published, the 1st edition has therefore been reduced in price by 20%. Enzyme Kinetics for System Biology is geared towards those who need a reference or classroom textbook that describes the various rate laws one can use to build computer models of cellular networks. The book covers commonly addressed topics such as rapid-equilibrium and steady state kinetics, including chapters on inhibitors, activators, cooperatively and allostery. The text book also includes topics more relevant to systems biology; these include chapters on elasticities, generalized rate laws and kinetics laws used to describe gene expression. Exercises are provided in most chapters with a summary of all the major kinetic rate laws in an appendix. Chapters include: Reaction Kinetics Elasticities Basic Enzyme Kinetics Enzyme Inhibition and Activation Multireactant Rate Laws Cooperativity Allostery Generalized Rate Laws Kinetics of Gene Regulation Basic Thermodynamics Current Print version: 1.08 Original publication date: April 2011The book should be suitable for undergraduates in their early (Junior, USA, second year UK) to mid years at college. ... field as the iPad/Android/Kindle generation is becoming accustomed to cheap, mass distributed software viii CONTENTS.

Title:Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology
Author:Herbert M. Sauro
Publisher:Future Skill Software - 2012-03-01


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