Entertainment - Achernar Class Starships

Entertainment - Achernar Class Starships

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 41. Chapters: USS Achernar, USS Ahzdar, USS Akagi, USS Alam'ak, USS Alferaz, USS Alfr, USS Androcus, USS Annobon, USS Ark Royal, USS Astrad, USS Behr'ak, USS Bismark, USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Caspan, USS Challenger, USS Chikuma, USS Constellation, USS Constitution, USS Czar'ak, USS Defiant, USS Discovery, USS Eagle, USS Ekinus, USS El Dorado, USS Elohim, USS Endeavour, USS Enterprise, USS Esabl, USS Eskiis, USS Essex, USS Excalibur, USS Exeter, USS Farragut, USS Galina, USS Ghar, USS Ghondr, USS Hajj, USS Hiemdal, USS Hood, USS Hornet, USS Horok, USS Intrepid, USS Jassan, USS Jenshahn, USS Jupiter, USS Kaga, USS Kars, USS Kasimar, USS Kent, USS Kep Salu, USS Kestral, USS Ketoi, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Kongo, USS Lexington, USS Maat, USS Mazda, USS Mengen, USS Mirazh, USS Mondoloy, USS Mongo, USS Ndele, USS Oblik, USS Oomaru, USS Paegan, USS Pari, USS Pelione, USS Phardos, USS Pilar, USS Potemkin, USS Procyon, USS Proxima, USS Qizan, USS Qual'at, USS Quindar, USS Radetsky, USS Republic, USS Richelieu, USS Rigil Kentaurus, USS Salayna, USS Samaara, USS Shaandra, USS Shahr, USS Sinuiji, USS Sirius, USS Sol, USS Tajarhi, USS Tali, USS Temir, USS Thelonii, USS Tholus, USS Ticonderoga, USS Tulan, USS Tutakai, USS Valiant II, USS Victory, USS Xanthii, USS Yaan, USS Yamato, USS Yorktown, USS Za'faran, USS Zaahm, USS Zindar. Excerpt: The USS Achernar (NCC-1732) was a Constitution-class Federation heavy cruiser starship, prototype of the Achernar-subclass, ordered for construction in the 23rd century, named for the star Achernar. Construction of Achernar was authorized by the Starfleet appropriation of stardate 5930. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual) The Achernar had entered service by the 2280s, by which time she had been refitted to Enterprise-class specifications and had been redesignated as a galactic survey cruiser. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War) The stardate given would seem to suggest this ship was ordere...Source: Wikia.

Title:Entertainment - Achernar Class Starships
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher: - 2011-10-27


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