English Words

English Words

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A comprehensive introduction to the study of English words from a theoretically informed linguistic perspective. This book aims to give students a command of the basic theory in each area, skill in analyzing and understanding English words, and the foundation needed for more advanced study in linguistic theory or lexicology.... rapidity with which The vibrations in the air caused by the opening and closing of the vocal folds create the sound of your voice. ... youa#39;re making a raspberry, and the same way that air escaping from the neck of a rubber balloon creates a buzzing noise. ... If you touch your fingers to your Adama#39;s apple - the point of the triangle in Figures 2.1a and b - and say aaa . . . aaaa ... That voice, called creaky voice, is produced by manipulating your vocal cord muscles so that just the front halfanbsp;...

Title:English Words
Author:Heidi Harley
Publisher:Wiley-Blackwell - 2006-05-02


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