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This book explains the systems and components used on the English Electric Canberra, how and why these components work, where they are in the system, as well as the servicing schedules. Within this book, there are stories from my time in the RAF, when working on the Canberra with 73 Squadron in Cyprus. This book should be of interest to people who have a fondness for aircraft, particularly those aircraft no longer in service. The Canberra was an important part of the RAF during the period known as the Cold War, the late 1960s to the early 1970s. I was born in Plymouth in Devon. I joined the Royal Air Force in February 1967, trained in the Airframe trade. That particular trade is what the book is based upon. I was posted to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus in July 1968, where I worked on the Canberra in the hangar, known as second line servicing, then I was attached to 73 Squadron where I carried out first line servicing. The stories in this book are true; they are my personal experiences.These pumps and their associated cocks are controlled by two switches, located in the starboard control panel at the pilots station. A fuel pump for ... Before going into the Fuel and Flow Pressure Tests, there is a diagram of the Fuel System Installation to be discussed. This shows ... Each of the three main tanks possess booster pumps, this of course keeps the fuel coming at a boosted rate if so required.

Author:Peter Bunnett
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-08-22


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