Energy Technology and Directions for the Future

Energy Technology and Directions for the Future

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Energy: Technology and Directions for the Future presents the fundamentals of energy for scientists and engineers. It is a survey of energy sources that will be available for use in the 21st century energy mix. The reader will learn about the history and science of several energy sources as well as the technology and social significance of energy. Themes in the book include thermodynamics, electricity distribution, geothermal energy, fossil fuels, solar energy, nuclear energy, alternate energy (wind, water, biomass), energy and society, energy and the environment, sustainable development, the hydrogen economy, and energy forecasting. The approach is designed to present an intellectually rich and interesting text that is also practical.This is accomplished by introducing basic concepts in the context of energy technologies and, where appropriate, in historical context. Scientific concepts are used to solve concrete engineering problems. The technical level of presentation presumes that readers have completed college level physics with calculus and mathematics through calculus of several variables. The selection of topics is designed to provide the reader with an introduction to the language, concepts and techniques used in all major energy components that are expected to contribute to the 21st century energy mix. Future energy professionals will need to understand the origin and interactions of these energy components to thrive in an energy industry that is evolving from an industry dominated by fossil fuels to an industry working with many energy sources. * Presents the fundamentals of energy production for engineers, scientists, engineering professors, students, and anyone in the field who needs a technical discussion of energy topics. * Provides engineers with a valuable expanded knowledge base using the U.S. National Academy of Sciences content standards. * Examines the energy options for the twenty-first century as older energy sources quickly become depleted.In addition to the meter, a circuit breaker is connected in series to the power lines to provide a safety buffer between the house and the power line. A fuse may be used instead of a circuit breaker in older homes. The fuse contains a metal alloyanbsp;...

Title:Energy Technology and Directions for the Future
Author:John R. Fanchi, PhD
Publisher:Academic Press - 2013-10-22


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