Enemy Lines

Enemy Lines

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qEnemy Lines qcaptures the extraordinary story of boys and girls coming of age during a civil war. Margaret Trawick lived and worked in Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka, where thousands of youths have been recruited into the Sri Lankan armed resistance movement known as the Tamil Tigers. This compelling account of her experiences is a powerful exploration of how children respond to the presence of war and how adults have responded to the presence of children in this conflict. Her beautifully written account, which includes voices of the teenagers and young adults who have joined the Tamil Tigers, brings alive a region where childhood, warfare, and play have become commingled in a world of continuous uncertainty.of creatures that grow in the environment nearby are aVected. ... Therefore that environment grows with great Xourishing. ... and destroys our species [ematu inama€”the term in modern usage means a€œour people, a€ that is, the Tamil people]. ... The essay needs no commentary but for the observation that Menan expresses his thoughts to me more boldly and clearly in writing and painting than in speech.

Title:Enemy Lines
Author:Margaret Trawick
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2007-04-11


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