Enemy Calling

Enemy Calling

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The Son of God has returned to the Galaxy! Rumors out of the atheist Fe-Ruq system allege that the Son of God has appeared on one of their military planets. The Shalothans, followers of Christ and a constant threat to the Fe-Ruqians, plan a covert mission to return Christ to their home world. Meanwhile, the United Space Navy, long an intermediary in galactic conflicts, receives intelligence regarding the planned rescue attempt, and launches its own interdiction mission in hopes of preventing a conflict that could escalate into another galactic war. It's a race against time to reach the Son of God.With no body to harvest blood, tissue, or limbs from, the medical droids would have no means to repair major damage or internal injuries. a€œCommander ... Two weeks earlier: United Space Federation (USF) Naval Headquarters, 1017Local - 2 -

Title:Enemy Calling
Author:Erik Bilicki
Publisher:Erik Bilicki's Enemy Calling - 2006-11


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