Enegry Conversion

Enegry Conversion

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Basic Concepts in Rotating MachinesElementary machines, Synchronous machines, d.c. machine, Generated voltage of a.c. winding, Distributed winding, Harmonic content in distributed winding.Rotating Magnetic FieldPhysical picture, Torque in round rotor machine. Operations of basic machine type : Synchronous machines, a.c. machines, d.c. machine, Matching characteristics of electric machines and load.D.C. Motore.m.f. and torque e.m.f. equations, Torque equation, Power balance, Linear magnetization circuit model, Generating mode, Motoring mode, Armature reaction, Compensating winding, Commutation, Method of excitation, Characteristics of d.c. motor : Shunt, Series, Compound.Starting of d.c. motor, Speed control of d.c. motor, Breaking of d.c. Motors.Synchronous MotorBasic machine model, Circuit model, Determination of armature reaction, Operating characteristics of motoring machine, Operation at constant load with variable excitations.Induction MotorConstructions, Flux and e.m.f. wave in induction motor, Slip and frequency on rotor current, Rotor e.m.f. and torque production, Equivalent circuit, Torque slip characteristics, Breakdown torque, Starting torque, Starting of induction motor, Speed control.Motor Control by Static Power ConverterMotivation - Characterizes of power devices : Diode, SCR, TRIAC, GTO, Power transistor, Power MOS, IGBT, SIT, SITH, MCT.Power converter : a.c./d.c. converter, a.c./ac. converter, d.c./d.c. converter, d.c./a.c. converter, Control, d.c. motor control through converters, Single phase converter, Discontinuous armature current, Full converter, Torque speed characteristics, Dual converter, Control of d.c. series motor, Three phase converter.Chopper Control of D.C. MotorPrinciple of operation, Slip-up chopper, Voltage and current waveforms, Commutation a.c. motor control : Slip power recovery schemes, State Kramer drive, Phase control of induction motor.InvertersSingle phase half-bridge inverter, Single-phase bridge inverter, Three phase inverter, Voltage and harmonic control of inverter, PWM inverter, Sinusoidal pulse inverter.Draw the circuit diagram for single phase half wave, semiconverter and full wave converter stating the expressions for d.c. output voltage in each case. 15. How three phase drives are classified ? 16. Draw the circuit diagram for three phaseanbsp;...

Title:Enegry Conversion
Author:M.V.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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