Encyclopedia of Rhetoric

Encyclopedia of Rhetoric

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The Encyclopedia of Rhetoric is a comprehensive survey of the latest research--as well as the foundational teachings--in this broad field. Featuring 150 original, signed articles by leading scholars from many different fields of study it brings together knowledge from classics, philosophy, literature, literary theory, cultural studies, speech and communications. The Encyclopedia surveys basic concepts (speaker, style and audience); elements; genres; terms (fallacies, figures of speech); and the rhetoric of non-Western cultures and cultural movements. It covers rhetoric as the art of proof and persuasion; as the language of public speech and communication; and as a theoretical approach and critical tool used in the study of literature, art, and culture at large, including new forms of communication such as the internet. The Encyclopedia is the most wide ranging reference work of its kind, combining theory, history, and practice, with a special emphasis on public speaking, performance and communication. Cross-references, bibliographies after each article, and synoptic and topical indexes further enhance the work. Written for students, teachers, scholars and writers the Encyclopedia of Rhetoric is the definitive reference work on this powerful discipline.Participation in democracy, for those properly qualified (free Greek adult males only; women, foreigners, and slaves were ... The philosopher Socrates, whom Plato idolized and used as the key speaker in many of his dialogues, was put to death in ... Third, Platoa#39;s concept of education was based on a dichotomy of the soul into rational and irrational elements, the ... and suppress the bodily or emotional instincts, which in their pursuit of pleasure made human beings behave like animals.

Title:Encyclopedia of Rhetoric
Author:Thomas O. Sloane
Publisher:Oxford University Press on Demand - 2001


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