Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings

Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings

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From John Philip Sousa to Green Day, from Scott Joplin to Kanye West, from Stephen Foster to Coldplay, The Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings covers the vast scope of its subject with virtually unprecedented breadth and depth. Approximately 1, 000 key song recordings from 1889 to the present are explored in full, unveiling the stories behind the songs, the recordings, the performers, and the songwriters. Beginning the journey in the era of Victorian parlor balladry, brass bands, and ragtime with the advent of the record industry, readers witness the birth of the blues and the dawn of jazz in the 1910s and the emergence of country music on record and the shift from acoustic to electrical recording in the 1920s. The odyssey continues through the Swing Era of the 1930s; rhythm a blues, bluegrass, and bebop in the 1940s; the rock a roll revolution of the 1950s; modern soul, the British invasion, and the folk-rock movement of the 1960s; and finally into the modern era through the musical streams of disco, punk, grunge, hip-hop, and contemporary dance-pop. Sullivan, however, also takes critical detours by extending the coverage to genres neglected in pop music histories, from ethnic and world music, the gospel recording of both black and white artists, and lesser-known traditional folk tunes that reach back hundreds of years. This book is ideal for anyone who truly loves popular music in all of its glorious variety, and anyone wishing to learn more about the roots of virtually all the music we hear today. Popular music fans, as well as scholars of recording history and technology and students of the intersections between music and cultural history will all find this book to be informative and interesting.103 When You Wish Upon a Star (1940)a€”Cliff Edwards (music by Leigh Harline, lyrics by Ned Washington) Victor 26477 ... A decade after his run of hits had ended, Cliff Edwards, the man known as a€œUkulele Ike, a€ enjoyed his finest hour. ... public until Walt Disney made him the singing and speaking voice of Jiminy Cricket in the 1940 animated classic Pinocchio. ... Chummy MacGregor told Miller biographer George T. Simon that Hal McIntyre obtained a lead sheet for the tune from oneanbsp;...

Title:Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings
Author:Steve Sullivan
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2013-10-04


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