Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology

Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology

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Written by the world's leading scientists and spanning over 400 articles in three volumes, the Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology, Second Edition is a complete, highly structured guide to current knowledge in the field. Fully revised and updated, this encyclopedia reflects the key advances in the field since the first edition was published in 1999 The articles in this key work, heavily illustrated and fully revised since the first edition in 1999, highlight advances in areas such as genomics and food safety to bring users up-to-date on microorganisms in foods. Topics such as DNA sequencing and E. coli are particularly well covered. With lists of further reading to help users explore topics in depth, this resource will enrich scientists at every level in academia and industry, providing fundamental information as well as explaining state-of-the-art scientific discoveries. This book is designed to allow disparate approaches (from farmers to processors to food handlers and consumers) and interests to access accurate and objective information about the microbiology of foods. Microbiology impacts the safe presentation of food. From harvest and storage to determination of shelf-life, to presentation and consumption. This work highlights the risks of microbial contamination and is an invaluable go-to guide for anyone working in Food Health and Safety. Has a two-fold industry appeal (1) those developing new functional food products and (2) to all corporations concerned about the potential hazards of microbes in their food products.In March 2005, more than 500 people became ill in Florida with Cyclospora, again, with basil as the suspected course. Several ... Although still under study, irradiation of produce may provide some protection against Cyclospora. ... AOAC lnternational, Gaithersburg, MD (website for BAM:. http://www.fda.gov/Food/ ScienceResearch/ LaboratoryMethods/BacteriologicalAnalyticalManualBAM/ default.htm ).

Title:Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology
Author:Carl A. Batt
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-04-02


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