Encyclopedia of Chromatography (Print)

Encyclopedia of Chromatography (Print)

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This practical, single-volume source collects up-to-date information on chromatographic techniques and methodologies for the solution of analytical and preparative problems applicable across a broad spectrum of disciplines including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, polymers, food additives and nutrients, pathology, toxicology, fossil fuels, and nuclear chemistry. It highlights real-world applications, easy-to-read fundamentals of problem solving and material identification methods, and detailed references. Written by over 180 esteemed international authorities and containing over 300 chapters, 2600 works cited, and 1000 drawings, equations, tables, and photographs, the Encyclopedia of Chromatography covers high-performance liquid, thin-layer, gas, affinity, countercurrent, supercritical fluid, gel permeation, and size exclusion chromatographies as well as capillary electrophoresis, field-flow fractionation, hyphenated techniques, and more. PRINT/ONLINE PRICING OPTIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST AT e-reference@taylorandfrancis.comThe most common result of channeling is band broadening and, occasionally, elution of peak doublets. ... This repair procedure can be used to extend column life; however, it should be noted that the plate number of the repaired column would be, at best, only 80-90% of the ... Suggested Further Reading Dolan, J. W. and L. R. Snyder, Troubleshooting LC Systems, Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, 1989. Majors, R. E., The care and feeding of modern HPLC columns, LC-GC 76: 900 (1998).

Title:Encyclopedia of Chromatography (Print)
Author:Jack Cazes
Publisher:CRC Press - 2001-06-29


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