Encounter at Farpoint

Encounter at Farpoint

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WHERE THE ADVENTURE BEGAN... CAPTAIN'S LOG, STARDATE 41254.7: The U.S.S. Enterprisea¬Ąc is en route to Cygnus IV -- the edge of the known galaxy. There, we will rendezvous with the ship's new first officer and the other command personnel and proceed with out mission: discover the truth about Farpoint Station, a starbase facility built by the inhabitants of Cygnus IV, a starbase of unparalleled size and complexity...and infinite mystery. And the success or failure of this, our first mission together, may well determine the course of human exploration across the galaxy for centuries to come...It was spacious, even compared to the Hooda#39;s main bridge; and the clean lines of its architecture could not conceal the fact ... ranked for science officers, propulsion systems engineers, emergency manual override, and environmental systems.

Title:Encounter at Farpoint
Author:David Gerrold
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2000-08-01


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