Empowerment Starts Here

Empowerment Starts Here

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Empowerment Starts Here covers an experimental approach to social change within urban communities by way of seven distinct principles for student empowerment. Turning classroom methods into a school model, Preparatory School for Global Leadership was the first to experience student empowerment at a school-wide level. This book provides insight on how educators can increase the efficacy and achievement of urban youth. Angela Dye shares instructional methodologies and stories to help the reader develop an intimate understanding of the empowerment principles in action. Through these principles and methods, individuals can increase their capacity to combat the psychological, social, and political challenges associated with student achievement and real school reform.STUDENT HIGHLIGHTS Maurice, a sixth-grade student with severe behavior issues, settled long enough to come to ... We had just had a snow day, and I guess Maurice had sat at home and thought about the different impacts of snow. ... The way the project was designed, Maurice looked at statistics on snowfall in Milwaukee. ... He received math credit because he had to calculate numbers in order to perform the analysis related to unemployment rates and snowfall accumulation.

Title:Empowerment Starts Here
Author:Angela Dye
Publisher:R&L Education - 2011-11-25


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