Electronic Components & Technology, 2nd Edition

Electronic Components & Technology, 2nd Edition

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Since its inception, the Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering series has met with great success among both instructors and students. Designed for first and second year undergraduate courses, each text provides a concise list of objectives at the beginning of every chapter, key definitions and formulas highlighted in margin notes, and references to other texts in the series. Electronic Components and Technology begins with an introduction to electronic interconnection technology, followed by a concise study of integrated circuits, their fabrication, packaging, and handling. The next two chapters look at various components, including power supplies, resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The author devotes considerable attention to parasitic electrical effects, including the non-ideal properties of passive components, heat and its management, and parasitic electromagnetic effects. He also emphasizes good engineering practice in relation to reliability and maintainability--two important aspects of design often overlooked by circuit designers--and includes a chapter on safety. This volume not only builds a solid foundation in properties, behavior, and use of electronic components, but also opens students' eyes to the practical problems encountered in electronics engineering practice.Safety of Class II equipment does not depend on installation conditions such as correct wiring of an earth conductor to a mains supply. Much household ... The principle of operation Transformer at local substation Electronic equipment Phase Neutral. L. Person making unintentional contact with live conductor a€c=- Local earth RCCBs are also known as earth leakage circuit breakers or ELCBs. They areanbsp;...

Title:Electronic Components & Technology, 2nd Edition
Author:S. J. Sangwine
Publisher:CRC Press - 1994-06-30


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