Electron densities in molecular and molecular orbitals

Electron densities in molecular and molecular orbitals

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Electron Densities in Molecules and Molecular Orbitals aims to explain the subject of molecular orbitals without having to rely much on its mathematical aspect, making it more approachable to those who are new to quantum chemistry. The book covers topics such as orbitals in quantum-chemical calculations; electronic ionizations and transitions; molecular-orbital change distributions; orbital transformations and calculations not involving orbitals; and electron densities and shapes in atoms and molecules. Also included in the book are the cross-sectional plots of electron densities of compounds such as organic compounds like methane, ethane, and ethylene; monomeric lithium fluoride and monomeric methyl lithium; hydrogen cyanide and methinophosphide; and monomeric borane and diborane. The text is recommended for those who have begun taking an interest in quantum chemistry but do not wish to deal yet with the mathematics part of the subject.This is illustrated for the oxygen atom by the top diagram of Fig. ... The plot labeled 1/! shows the wave function as measured perpendicular to a geometrical plane in the center of which lies the oxygen nucleus; Wa€œ is the respective electron anbsp;...

Title:Electron densities in molecular and molecular orbitals
Author:J.R. Van Wazer
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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