Electromechanical Energy Coversion

Electromechanical Energy Coversion

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D.C. Machines Constructional details - E.M.F. equation - Methods of excitation - Self and separately excited generators - Characterisitics of series, shunt and compound generators -Principle of operation of D.C. motor-Back E.M.F and torque equation - Characteristics of series, shunt and compound motors -Parallel operation of D.C. generators - Starting of d.c. motors - Types of starters - Testing, brake test and Swinburne's test-Speed control of d.c. shunt motors. Transformers Constructional details - Principle of operation - E.M.F. equation - Transformation ratio - Transformer on no load - Parameters referred to HV/LV windings - Equivalent circuit - Transformer on load - Regulation - Testing - Load test, Open circuit and short circuit tests - Sumpner's test - Parallel operation of transformers. Induction Motors Construction - Types - Principle of operation of three phase induction motors - Equivalent circuit - Performance calculation - Starting and speed control - Single phase induction motors (only qualitative treatment). Synchronous Machines Synchronous Generators Construction of synchrounous generators - Principle - E.M.F. equation - Voltage regulation : E.M.F. and M.M.F. method - Brushless excitation Synchronous Motors Construction - Principle - Methods of starting of synchronous motors - V curves and inverted V curves - Hunting - Synchronous condenser. Special Type of Machines Starting methods - Reluctance motor - Hysteresis motor - Stepper motor - Universal motor - Brushless d.c. motor - Switched reluctance motor.Explain in detail the constructional features of a three phase alternator. 2. ... Draw the phasor diagram and establish the relationship between induced e.m.f. and the terminal voltage for a three phase alternator for lagging, leading and unityanbsp;...

Title:Electromechanical Energy Coversion
Author:U.A.Bakshi, M.V. Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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