Electric Machines

Electric Machines

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The two major broad applications of electrical energy are information processing and energy processing. Hence, it is no wonder that electric machines have occupied a large and revered space in the field of electrical engineering. Such an important topic requires a careful approach, and Charles A. Gross' Electric Machines offers the most balanced, application-oriented, and modern perspective on electromagnetic machines available. Written in a style that is both accessible and authoritative, this book explores all aspects of electromagnetic-mechanical (EM) machines. Rather than viewing the EM machine in isolation, the author treats the machine as part of an integrated system of source, controller, motor, and load. The discussion progresses systematically through basic machine physics and principles of operation to real-world applications and relevant control issues for each type of machine presented. Coverage ranges from DC, induction, and synchronous machines to specialized machines such as transformers, translational machines, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Stimulating example applications include electric vehicles, wind energy, and vertical transportation. Numerous example problems illustrate and reinforce the concepts discussed. Along with appendices filled with unit conversions and background material, Electric Machines is a succinct, in-depth, and complete guide to understanding electric machines for novel applications.(a) Draw a circuit diagram. (b) How ... Draw the correct circuit (as shown in Figure 2.4), determine the transformer voltage and kVA ratings, and determine the currents for: (a) The delta-wye connection. (b) The ... (e) The open delta connection.

Title:Electric Machines
Author:Charles A. Gross
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-10-20


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