Electric Earth

Electric Earth

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The past 50 years of worldwide population growth and construction has changed the way the world works. Global warming, hurricanes and tornadoes are on the rise along with sea levels. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are on the increase. Many say that this is just a natural cycle of the earth. This is not the case. These so called qnatural disastersq are direct results of this never before seen qSuper Civilizationq. We remove and move around the world, incalculable weight in the form of minerals, oil, coal, water and other elements. The qwobbleq of the earth, has been increasing parallel to our construction efforts. Mother Earth, a perfectly balanced gyroscope, has to shift her tectonic plates to counteract any imbalances we cause resulting in more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This electric motor called earth, encounters the friction of the atmosphere as it revolves exactly once a day. By deforestation, we increase friction and cause this motor to heat up which changes climates. Cities change wind flow across the planets surface and add more heat resulting in more hurricanes and tornadoes. Along with logical and ground breaking explanations of recent disastrous world problems are solutions to ensure an ever advancing civilization.I still have trouble installing a 3-way light switch in a house I may be working on. While teaching the basic elements of a circuit and how current, called amperage, reacts to a resistor, a restriction to the flow of electricity, I found out that theanbsp;...

Title:Electric Earth
Author:Will Jansen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-02


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