Electric Circuit Theory

Electric Circuit Theory

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Electric Circuit Theory provides a concise coverage of the framework of electrical engineering. Comprised of six chapters, this book emphasizes the physical process of electrical engineering rather than abstract mathematics. Chapter 1 deals with files, circuits, and parameters, while Chapter 2 covers the natural and forced response of simple circuit. Chapter 3 talks about the sinusoidal steady state, and Chapter 4 discusses the circuit analysis. The fifth chapter tackles frequency response of networks, and the last chapter covers polyphase systems. This book will be of great help to electrical, electronics, and control engineering students or any other individuals who require a substantial understanding of the physical aspects of electrical engineering.(uV, mV, kV, MV) (uW, mV, kW, MW) (uAi2, mg2, kS2, MQ) . General abbreviations A constant Constants Damping constant, # in series R, L, C, circuit A constant Number of ... Y(ja) Z(s), Z(ja) g Xvi SYMBOLS, UNITS AND ABBREVIATIONS.

Title:Electric Circuit Theory
Author:R. Yorke
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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