Ele Dev & Cir 2E

Ele Dev & Cir 2E

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This book is meant for the undergraduate students of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Computer Science Engineering for the courses on Basic Electronics/Electronic Devices and Circuits. It gives detailed description of the operation and characteristics of modern active and passive electronic devices. Logical organization of the chapters, simple language, wide variety of problems with their step by step solutions for every concept makes this book a perfect offering on the subject.What are the advantages of LCDs over CRTs? 41. Explain the operating principles of liquid crystal displays. 42. Explain the construction and operation of an LCD TV display screen with a neat diagram. 43. Draw the schematic of a TFT LCDanbsp;...

Title:Ele Dev & Cir 2E
Publisher:Tata McGraw-Hill Education - 2008-07-07


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