El Sombra

El Sombra

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There is no escape from The Ultimate Reich! The terrifying Luftwaffe, on their steam-driven wings, have torn apart the sleepy town of Pasito in the heart of Mexico, only to rebuild it as a terrifying clockwork-town where the people become human robots, furthering the nightmare dreams of the Fuhrer. General Eisenberg and his sociopathic son Alexis control this paradise of horrors. But they are unprepared for the return of a man the desert claimed nine long years ago, a man who has returned from the doors of death and the depths of madness to bring his terrible fury upon their world. With the slash of a sword and a laugh that lights up the night, the man in the bloodstained mask cuts his way through the hopeless, endless routines of the clockwork men to bring new hope to the people. He defies death! He defies man! No trap can hold the masked daredevil, the saint of ghosts men know as El Sombra!This wonderful creation will solve a certain masked problem that afflicts us both; disrupting work, stealing valuable supplies, committing murder with impunity. ... Heil Hitler!aquot; It was barked like a drill sergeant. Master Plus shuddered and snapped back a salute, almost crying. ... Eisenberg smiled softly as the machine opened the huge mouth-furnace doors, the ingenious construction ensuring the flaminganbsp;...

Title:El Sombra
Author:Al Ewing
Publisher:Abaddon Books - 2007-06-02


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