Eerily Familiar

Eerily Familiar

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When Tom Morrow sees a man at the grave of his murdered girlfriend, a man driving a red over white '62 Corvette just like his, he starts to question the nature of his own identity, an identity in peril since a car accident years before. His pursuit of the mysterious man leads Morrow to uncomfortable truths about himself and his past.Eerily Familiar takes Tom Morrow headlong into an uncertain future, while exploring a past confused by a years-long coma and a memory aided by a man who calls himself a qDream Detectiveq. Tom Morrow learns that it's true what people say: you never forget your first love, even when you have. And even when you want to.Is the man in the Corvette a look-alike working for Memory Lane, a Los Angeles service providing celebrity alter egos for parties and club openings, or is there something more sinister going on? Tom Morrow is determined to find out who-or what-is behind the wheel of the other Corvette, even if it means the end of everything he has known and thought he had forgotten.that the even lines were questions like pop quiz questions, and the odd lines, in an almost mocking pink, were the answers to these questions. A sampling of the ... A sampling of the answers she had written in that mocking pink: Wood River Hospital, on April Foola#39;s Day, 1971. ... Mrs. Beck was the Journalism teacher. Soft anbsp;...

Title:Eerily Familiar
Author:Darren Lamere
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-01


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