Edison to Enron

Edison to Enron

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The oil industry in the United States has been the subject of innumerable histories. But books on the development of the natural gas industry and the electricity industry in the U.S. are scarce. Edison to Enron is a readable flowing history of two of America's largest and most colorful industries. It begins with the story of Samuel Insull, a poor boy from England, who started his career as Thomas Edisona€™s right-hand man, then went on his own and became one of America's top industrialists. But when Insulla€™s General Electrica€™s energy empire collapsed during the Great Depression, the hitherto Great Man was denounced and prosecuted and died a pauper. Against that backdrop, the book introduces Ken Lay, a poor boy from Missouri who began his career as an aide to the head of Humble oil, now part of Exxon Mobil. Lay went on to become a Washington bureaucrat and energy regulator and then became the wunderkind of the natural gas industry in the 1980s with Enron. To connect the lives of these two energy giants, Edison to Enron takes the reader through the flamboyant history of the American energy industry, from Texas wildcatters to the great pipeline builders to the Washington wheeler-dealers.a€œThe company does everything it can for you, a€ Insull stated, pointing out Commonwealth Edisona#39;s new employee savings and retirement ... In two 1915 talksa€”aquot;Service, a€ to students of the Chicago Central Station Institute, and a€œCan a Ten-Thousand Dollar Man Be Made? ... but also a sharp focus on customer service, which he called a€œthe fundamental cornerstone of the policy of every public-service utility.

Title:Edison to Enron
Author:Robert L. Bradley
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-01-18


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