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The first decade of the third millennium brought economic stagnation, poverty, and long stretches of unemployment to millions of Americans while a small elite prospered beyond the wildest dreams. The book examines twentieth century technical/economic developments that had moved the economy forward in major ways for the benefit of millions. The author points to gigantic corporate and personal tax evasion as a principal reason for economic stagnation and for harsh conditions for the powerless. The book decries the fixation on austerity in the US Congress and instead counsels spending boldly for fixing our crumbling infrastructure and for mounting defenses against the effects of changing climate. The unemployed are viewed as an idle resource rather than a burden, and the ideas of John Maynard Keynes, arguably the last century's most influential economist, as a key to healing the corrosive lack of fairness in our land. The author lambastes reliance on bromides such as qsmall government is bestq and qkeep marginal tax rates low but expand the base.q He advocates new tax brackets for upper incomes and taxes on carbon emissions and on select financial transactions. The proposed policy changes will generate a mighty river of money ensuring high levels of employment and prosperity and progress all around.Should the circuit breaker fail to trip, the flow of current becomes so massive that one or both of the wires melt and fall to the ground, the costliest, local power line failure. Even when the circuit breaker works as intended, its instant cutoff ofanbsp;...

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-05


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