Earth Dream Awakening

Earth Dream Awakening

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All that has happened in the past, all of Earth's history, man has created in his dream. and the end of time will come when man wakes up and realizes he has been dreaming. Suddenly, a young family wrests themselves from life in a North American city to seek a rustic existence close to nature and a circle of new friends in mountain valleys of British Columbia. But that is only one of the levels to this story. For David and Kelly (Siofra) are a mystic and a psychic on an out-of-the-ordinary quest inspired by higher energy presences, Moita and Amar. How will their experiment in communication between worlds illuminate the process of planetary rebirth that will accelerate years later . . . in the qawakeningq of 2012 and beyond? qThis time period is at crossroads. Paths before you lead into the futurea€”some not pleasant, some extremely promising. We are here to help you choose the road that leads not to destruction but that leads to life, and to this change of man and his awareness, to the reuniting of [our] worlds.q Among facets of this visionary yet down-to-earth adventure: helping persons in crisis to unlock their hearts, find their new balance, deepening our sense of community as a core group risks old selves in order to truly meet, confronting dark energies across lifetimes, undoing man's obsession with power, seeing that the planet's upheavals now mirror our owna€”as a vast evolution in consciousness comes full circle, aided by higher-dimensional beings, and the Earth Mother voicing her plea for man to awaken as a willing partner. qWe are entering a New Age of humanity. Instead of man creating only on his own, set apart from the rest of the universe, this time he is involved in a co-creationa€”and we are the co-creators. Those who are here have arrived to help found a new world.qWe are to speak to residents of the Kindle Valley at the lodge serving as a community meeting-place a€” a rustic, ... as she speaks of another worst-case probability line involving the Vancouver area . . . which mercifillly will not be realized.

Title:Earth Dream Awakening
Author:David W. Letts
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-08


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