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The 5th edition of E-Marketing treats the subject as traditional marketing with a twist: the Internet and other technologies have had a profound effect on the way we do business. This transformation has resulted in new business techniques that add customer value, build customer relationships, and increase company profitability. Stressing product, pricing, distribution, and promotion, the authors use a strategic perspective and give many important practices not covered in previous editions: namely, blogs, social networking, online branding, and search marketing. Point-of-purchase scanning devices, databases, and other offline technologies are discussed. For anyone interested in learning more about electronic marketing, this is an excellent handbook; its comprehensive glossary makes this a must-have reference.The thought of missing the show truly annoys you because you have seen all 13 episodes leading up to it. If only you had ... Tivo is a provider of television services for the digital video recorder (DVR)a€”which is a growing category of consumer electronics. In its most basic form, ... Similar technology and sen/ices are offered by competitor ReplayT\/ and cable companies, such as Time Warner. Most offer theanbsp;...

Author:Judy Strauss, Raymond Frost
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2009


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