Dynamics in Engineering Practice, Eleventh Edition

Dynamics in Engineering Practice, Eleventh Edition

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Observing that most books on engineering dynamics left students lacking and failing to grasp the general nature of dynamics in engineering practice, the authors of Dynamics in Engineering Practice, Eleventh Edition focused their efforts on remedying the problem. This text shows readers how to develop and analyze models to predict motion. While establishing dynamics as an evolution of continuous motion, it offers a brief history of dynamics, discusses the SI and US customary unit systems, and combines topics that are typically covered in an introductory and intermediate, or possibly even an advanced dynamics course. It also contains plenty of computer example problems and enough tools to enable readers to fully grasp the subject. A free support book with worked computer examples using MATLABAr is available upon request. New in the Eleventh Edition: A large number of problems have been added; specifically, 59 new problems have been included in the original problem sets provided in chapters two through five. Chapter six has been added and covers the application of Lagrangea€™s equations for deriving equations of motion. The new and improved chapters in this text: Address the fundamental requirements of dynamics, including units, force, and mass, and provides a brief history of the development of dynamics Explore the kinematics of a particle, including displacement, velocity, and acceleration in one and two dimensions Cover planar kinetics of rigid bodies, starting with inertia properties and including the mass moment of inertia, the radius of gyration, and the parallel-axis formula Explain how to develop equations of motion for dynamics using Lagrangea€™s equations Dynamics in Engineering Practice, Eleventh Edition shows readers how to develop general kinematic equations and EOMs, analyze systems, and set up and solve equations, using a revolutionary approach to modeling and analysis along with current computer techniques.... m \ C 1.95 m O D A 4++\ (a) FIGURE XP4.5 (a) Oil well pumping rig (Adapted from Meriam, J. and Kraige, L., Engineering Mechanics Dynamics, vol. 2, 3rd edn, Wiley, New York, 1992), (b) Pumping rig in a general position with coordinates.

Title:Dynamics in Engineering Practice, Eleventh Edition
Author:Dara W. Childs, Andrew P. Conkey
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-04-17


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