Dynamic Models in Biology

Dynamic Models in Biology

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From controlling disease outbreaks to predicting heart attacks, dynamic models are increasingly crucial for understanding biological processes. Many universities are starting undergraduate programs in computational biology to introduce students to this rapidly growing field. In Dynamic Models in Biology, the first text on dynamic models specifically written for undergraduate students in the biological sciences, ecologist Stephen Ellner and mathematician John Guckenheimer teach students how to understand, build, and use dynamic models in biology. Developed from a course taught by Ellner and Guckenheimer at Cornell University, the book is organized around biological applications, with mathematics and computing developed through case studies at the molecular, cellular, and population levels. The authors cover both simple analytic models--the sort usually found in mathematical biology texts--and the complex computational models now used by both biologists and mathematicians. Linked to a Web site with computer-lab materials and exercises, Dynamic Models in Biology is a major new introduction to dynamic models for students in the biological sciences, mathematics, and engineering.For example, in a diagram of the Ellner et al. ... Label each arrow with a I ( subscripted appropriately), and below the diagram list what each flow is. ... Population fluctuations, reproductive costs, and life-history tactics in female Soay sheep.

Title:Dynamic Models in Biology
Author:Stephen P. Ellner, John Guckenheimer
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2011-09-19


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