Dude, You're Getting Married!

Dude, You're Getting Married!

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Everything you need to know before your her big day! From one dude to another, the advice in Dude, You're Getting Married! will get you laughing and help you get your s**t together before the big day. From feigning interest in table linens to trimming down the guest list (without uninviting everyone on your side) to organizing a wild, yet fiancee-approved, bachelor party, Pfeiffer makes sure you won't get scarred in the minefield of wedding planning. While the months leading up to the big day can be filled with meltdowns and screaming matches, Dude, You're Getting Married! will be there to ensure that you make it to the altar in one piece.If you are struggling with the diagrams, it is similar to tying your shoe. If you cana#39;t tie your own shoes, well, then we have a whole other problem to discuss. a€c Once you have the basics down, try tying your bow tie in different sizes and vary theanbsp;...

Title:Dude, You're Getting Married!
Author:John Pfeiffer
Publisher:Adams Media - 2013-11-18


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