Dubya: the Toxic Texan

Dubya: the Toxic Texan

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The United States is suffering from dangerous smog, dirty water, and other unhealthy environmental hazards. However, only a handful of us are aware that each year, tens of thousands of Americans die prematurely from environmental causes. Much of this death and destruction is caused by the deceit of our own government. The federal government, which is supposed to protect the environment, is doing the opposite-and getting away with it. Justifiably, the world is focusing on the threat of terrorism, but much of the world is also focusing on an equally dangerous threat-environmental destruction. It may be true that thousands have perished in terrorist attacks, but the fact is that millions worldwide die from environmental causes every year. Air pollution, unsafe water, and other environmental hazards are killing more people now than ever before-and the costs of global warming will increase that number dramatically. Many nations are already fighting this war, especially in Europe, but the United States has not yet joined the battle. Author Don Lord, PhD, charges that it is the responsibility of the United States government to protect all its citizens. Until those in government positions work together to stop pollution, citizens of the United States will remain at great risk.One exception is the Ford Focus, sold originally in 2003 only in California, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. Fortunately ... 61 Second, they can try for an practical electric car with electricity provided from renewable sources. Third, they ... Each choice has its problems and its detractors, starting with the cost. To helpanbsp;...

Title:Dubya: the Toxic Texan
Author:Donald Lord
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-08-01


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