DSM-IV-TR Case Studies

DSM-IV-TR Case Studies

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DSM-IV-TRAr Case Studies: A Clinical Guide to Differential Diagnosis will help the reader gain an understanding of how to use DSM-IV-TR in actual clinical situations. This book, co-authored by Allen Frances, Chair of the Task Force on DSM-IV, translates the clinical concepts and terminology of DSM-IV-TR into vivid three-dimensional examples, to help the clinician take full advantage of the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria. The case studies bring to life the process of differential diagnosis and illustrate how important this process can be for treatment planning. This casebook follows the organizational pattern of DSM-IV-TR and provides examples of the most commonly encountered disorders. For each case, the book provides a€c A five-axis DSM-IV-TR diagnosisa€c A discussion of the most likely differential diagnosis and how to choose among thema€c A review of treatment options The final chapter, titled qTest Yourself, q includes a number of complex cases, each accompanied by a brief discussion, which allows the reader to compare notes with the authors. Changes to this edition include: a€c Updated material on psychosocial treatment of ADHDa€c Updated material on treatment of Alzheimer's diseasea€c More discussion of atypical antipsychoticsa€c Focus on cognitive problems in schizophrenia DSM-IV-TRAr Case Studies: A Clinical Guide to Differential Diagnosis will help students and clinicians become familiar with the symptoms that make up each DSM-IV-TR diagnosis. A good understanding of, and memory for, the symptoms that define the most commonly encountered diagnoses will improve interviewing and diagnostic techniques. The case studies can serve as easily remembered examples to help the reader recall the criteria sets and will benefit all clinicians who desire to become more comprehensive and accurate interviewers.Comorbid general medical conditions are specified on Axis III, and DSM-IV-TR includes a list of commonly used Axis III ... the legal system/crime Other psychosocial and environmental problems The Axis V Global Assessment of Functioninganbsp;...

Title:DSM-IV-TR Case Studies
Author:Allen Frances, Ruth Ross
Publisher:Amer Psychiatric Pub Incorporated - 2001


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