Drug Abuse in the Modern World

Drug Abuse in the Modern World

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Drug Abuse in the Modern World: A Perspective for the Eighties is a compilation of research papers presented at an international symposium, held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. The focus of the conference is the assessment of the effects of addictive drugs on an individual, both in mind and body, and the repercussions of its widespread use on society, specifically during the decade of the 80a€™s. The book is composed of 49 chapters, which were divided into five parts. The first part presents the pharmacological properties of addictive drugs; its effect on brain functions; and changes in the usera€™s behavior leading to physical and psychic dependence, which when left unmitigated may cause neurological disorders. A paper on pharmacological cure, specifically for tobacco and alcohol abuse, is presented, as well as the effects of marijuana on the reproductive system. The second part examines drug use among children, family relationships, and drug abuse in adults engaged in various professions and undertakings. The third part exposes how a qqpro-drugqq media can be instrumental in the proliferation of drug use in society and also how religion may have also propagated drug use. In contrast, several articles are likewise written that extols the use of media in spreading the detrimental effects of drugs. Part 4 discusses the state of drug abuse in different cultures and societies; the drug trade; and various interventions being implemented by local governments and international organizations to curb the spread of this epidemic. Part 5 is devoted to the status of drug abuse in the 80a€™s, efforts made, and plans to fight it. The text is a must-read for physicians, pharmacists, educators, social workers, lawyers, law enforcers, sociologists, students, and people who want to get rid of this menace to the human race.... and UHFUSCTET, T. L. WHUTUBEva, 1970 A Manual on Drug Dependence, Kramer, J. F. and Cameron, D. C., WHO, ... ZUU, T968 Vaillant, G. E., Brighton, J. R., McArthur, G. Physiciana#39;s Use of Mind Altering Drugs, N. E. J. M. , 282, 365, anbsp;...

Title:Drug Abuse in the Modern World
Author:Gabriel G. Nahas, Henry Clay Frick
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-09-11


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