Driving While Black

Driving While Black

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A practical handbook for people who want to be safe and do something. Racial profiling does happen. And while cases where victims find themselves looking down the barrel of a policeman's gun make the six o'clock news, dozens of less extreme, yet troubling, examples occur every day. Cabs that whiz by only to be seen stopping for qsaferq-looking people just up the block; being asked for multiple pieces of identification when making purchases with credit cards; being followed around a department store by salespeople and security while never being asked if they need any assistance; being detained for hours and extensively searched in an airport or train station--Driving While Black clearly defines the system officially known as CARD (class, age, race, dress) and offers advice about how to handle potentially life-threatening situations with the police, as well as recourse for readers who suspect their civil rights have been denied due to racial profiling. A book written to save lives, Driving While Black is not just for people of color, but for anyone who likes to wear a baseball cap, baggy jeans, sneakers, and a tee shirt and finds they are often treated like a qsuspect.q From the Trade Paperback edition.... committee today that he responded appropriately to racial profiling allegations against the New Jersey State Police. ... by Joe Donohue San Diego Police Chief Jerry Sanders has a blunt answer to the question of whether police officers stopanbsp;...

Title:Driving While Black
Author:Kenneth Meeks
Publisher:Broadway Books - 2010-03-10


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