Driven to Kill

Driven to Kill

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The charge: first-degree murder. The murder weapon: a 1987 Ford Escort. A car as a murder weapon? In Driven to Kill, J. Peter Rothe unflinchingly examines the use of vehicles in cases of assault, abduction, rape, gang warfare, terrorism, suicide, and murder. What separates an everyday driver from a motorized menace? Read and find out. Yes, Rothe offers a trove of unprecedented research for sociologists, criminologists, policy makers, police, as well as public health, injury prevention, and traffic safety professionals, but his accessible style speaks to our fascination with car culture and true crime stories.(Gregoire, 2001: 1) The stolen parts market operates like any other business in a free enterprise system, according to the law of supply and demand. ... Xenon headlights have become popular with thieves, as have global positioning systems (Insurance Information Institute, 2005). ... In California, thieves pick on Honda Civics and Acura Integras to poach sleek body types and engine parts for use in theanbsp;...

Title:Driven to Kill
Author:John Peter Rothe
Publisher: - 2008


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