Dreams not Forgotten

Dreams not Forgotten

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Dreams Not Forgotten presents a loving portrait of a man named Bill who has overcome the obstacles that would stop many in their tracks. Author Will Kalinke shares the ups and downs that Bill has encountered in his forty-six years of life. Although his mother passed away when he was just five, he held onto the dreams for his future that she shared with him before she died. Those dreams helped sustain him through many challenging times of intense pain and anguish, when others may have dissolved into anger and frustration. Bill serves as a model of courage, fortitude, and hope for a better tomorrow despite obstacles of today. An unexpected sequence of events brought Bill and Kalinke together to set the scene for this compelling story, a real-life mystery of survival. Bill stands as an inspiration because he has recognized the differences that make him unique and he has maintained his fortitude, patience, attitude of love, and appreciation for God. He has found the path to a happy and meaningful life that builds upon his positive attitude and clear vision of his own capabilities. He is one of those special people whose actions help to make miracles happen; follow in his footsteps from unbelievable circumstances to miraculous results.Dick, as a drywall expert with a remodeling crew for a local building contractor, had free dumpster access to an ample supply of replacement panes for us in the three lengths we used. ... My curiosity was aroused, when a small older black pick-up truck with a rear cab or caboose handcrafted of plywood with bold white lettering announcing HANDYMAN ROADSIDE SERVICE drove up to the office door.

Title:Dreams not Forgotten
Author:Will Kalinke
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-03-07


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