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This revised and expanded edition-now in an easily readable outline form-focuses on step-by-step application of major treatment techniques currently in use. It opens with the advantages, disadvantages, indications, precautions, contraindications, goals, and effects for all treatments. These categories are included in the various chapters, and are absolutely essential for practitioners to provide effective and efficient treatments that are safe and reimbursable. Each of the modalities listed in the book has a Central Procedure Code (CPT) associated with it which is important to note for reimbursement purposes and appear at the beginning of each chapter. New to this edition is the reasoning and justification for the application instructions. Detailed instructions for therapeutic exercise, massage, mobilizations, passive and active range of motion, electrical stimulation, ultraviolet, and traction are given, with new and additional illustrations. While the fundamental format covering the superficial heating modalities including warm whirlpool, hydrocollator and instant hot packs, melted paraffin, infrared radiation, and fluidotherapy has remained the same, these topics have been revised and updated. The list of equipment manufacturers has been updated and remains an excellent source for information. This text continues to fulfill the existing need within the field for an up-to-date, precise, and comprehensive book that details the development that is necessary for physical therapy students, practitioners, athletic trainers, sports medicine professionals, and rehabilitation therapists.Chapter 32 COMBINATION ELECTRICAL STIMULATION AND ULTRASOUND I. Central Procedure Code (CPT) for Combination ES/US is either 97035 or 97032/ 97033 A. This code is necessary to receive third-party payment for treatment.

Author:R. Eric Oestmann
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2011-11-01


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