Double Crossed

Double Crossed

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Colton Graham is furious when his partner double-crosses him by agreeing to sell the company they founded together. He is so enraged by his partner's behavior that he does something he used to do whenever he was frustrated or upset, something he'd been warned never to do again-drink alcohol. He ignores the warning, finds a saloon, and gets stinking drunk. Of course getting drunk solves nothing. That becomes clear the following morning when he awakens lying in bed in a strange bedroom. He has no idea where he is and his memory of the preceding night has been wiped out by too much whiskey. He discovers his partner's been murdered and that he's been framed to look like the killer. He is innocent but instead of turning himself in and attempting to prove his innocence he decides to go on the run. When he does the police become convinced that he's guilty of the slaying. He goes into hiding, changes his appearance, and assumes a new identity. But that doesn't work and he soon finds himself in even more trouble with seemingly no way to avoid the threat of capture and being tried for the murder he didn't commit.... hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He was wearing faded jeans, running shoes, and a blue T-shirt that boasted his companya#39;s name and logo across its chest in gold ... A four-year-old Honda Civic came around a corner, slowed, and stopped next to Colton. Helen Martin was behind the steering wheel. She was an attractiveanbsp;...

Title:Double Crossed
Author:Jerry Flesher
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-09-01


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