Doomsday Warriors

Doomsday Warriors

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Marcus, a champion of the Guardian Knights and hero of Kadema, has faced many challenges in his life. Now he must face a new one; transforming two baby twins into strong and capable warriors who will be able to protect the world from a threat that has risen from the ashes of the Guardian War. The strongest of the twins, Micael, has shown potential to become the world's greatest warrior. He has been trained and trained well. However, despite the training, Micael may not have the strength to stand against the forces of darkness that have conspired against Kadema. After the mastermind of the Exiles unleashes a strategy that cripples the Guardian Knights, Marcus and Micael are forced to decide on a plan of desperation; seek out a traitorous army once loyal to Luxius, the deceased Master of the Exiles. If Micael fails in his quest to ally himself with the Banished Army, then his life and those of his companions will be forfeit. However, if Micael is successful, then the world will see the might of an army not seen in nearly one hundred years. However even if the Banished Army agrees to aid Kadema, the combined strength may not be enough. The Exiles have constructed a new weapon, which is capable of destroying hundreds of thousands of lives in an instant. Even more terrifying is the mastermind's ultimate goal. If they are successful, the combined strength of Micael, Marcus and their allies will not be enough to stop the annihilation of the entire planet. Dawn of the Guardian is the first book in the ongoing Doomsday Warriors Saga.Dawn of the Guardian Donald C. Corrigan ... He activated the shipa#39;s manual gun emplacements. ... In the event that the Captain maneuvered Blue Raven to avoid gunfire and other hazards, the generator would keep everyone safely in theiranbsp;...

Title:Doomsday Warriors
Author:Donald C. Corrigan
Publisher:Author House - 2011-06-13


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