Don't Quit - Don't Cry

Don't Quit - Don't Cry

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Don't Quit - Don't Cry is a Canadian's gripping life story. 1967: Jacques R. Roy studies African history in Montreal. With a deep sense of justice, freedom, and liberty, Jacques joins CUSO as a teacher and leaves for Tanzania. Jacques meets Dr. Neto, President of the MPLA. Dr. Neto needs radio links. Jacques can solve this problem under complete secrecy. 1968: Neto invites Jacques to the eastern Angolan front. He likes the radio results and sends Roy to mobilize Canadian public opinion. 1970: South Africas ANC external leaders ask Jacques to create a spy unit. Cover: a love story with missions worthy of James Bond and Indiana Jones. 1974: Jacques brings Dr. Neto to Ottawa's parliamentary committee. 1975: Independence. CIA steps in. 1998: Roy goes back to Angola. Mission: Stop the civil war. The plan: Follow the blood diamonds. Results: Canada's UN Ambassador Fowler visits Africa, writes the Fowler Report. The UN imposes sanctions and blood diamond funds dry up.I immediately thought of one problem: this vehicle had a manual shift. Colleen did not know how to drive a gearshift car, so I would have to do all of the driving. Shortly before 11:00 ... Within a few hours, we reached the Rhodesian border, but decided to sleep in our camper at a Zambian animal reserve. It was a secure area, anbsp;...

Title:Don't Quit - Don't Cry
Author:Jacques R. Roy - 2012-04-01


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