Doms Need Love Too!

Doms Need Love Too!

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In the humorous novel DOMs Need Love Too!, a Yale psychology professor encounters a small group of healthy, vigorous, flag-loving seniors at a racquetball and health club and secretly decides to create a case study out of the merry makers, better known as the Day Old Muffins. Middle-aged Eve is obligated to submit an academic paper titled Men Without Partners to the University at the conclusion of the school year. When she witnesses the senior comrades hitting on a young, pretty maiden with an array of grandiose promises, she is both dismayed and intrigued by their sophomoric behavior. As Eve infiltrates the voyeuristic group to study their chauvinistic attitudes, she wonders if there is such a thing as male menopause-a condition that causes men to overcompensate a diminished libido. Eve is surprised to find the men boast an intellectual depth beyond her expectations and as two Day Old Muffins vie for her attention, jealously, extortion, and love encircle the group, complicating matters even further. As Eve seeks to uncover the nature of the force which brings the six men together so faithfully, her analytical harness is unleashed, revealing her true womanhood.a€œWhat happened to that dishwasher repair technician you went out with?a€ Eve was not used to asking too deeply about Nancya#39;s private life. a€œHave you ever dated a dishwasher repair technician?a€ Nancy asked. a€œI dona#39;t know what interests meanbsp;...

Title:Doms Need Love Too!
Author:Allan D. Moore
Publisher:No Free Lunch Inc - 2009-03


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