Doing Business in Korea

Doing Business in Korea

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Doing Business in Korea is a timely book of information for succeeding in the challenging environment of Korea, the world's 13th largest economy. the book divulges in engaging prose all the ins and outs of contemporary Korean business culture. From business etiquette and protocol to tips for marketing to Korean consumers, international business consultant Thomas L. Coyner details everything you'll need to know not just to survive, but thrive in the Land of the Morning Calm. Through this book, one will gain pivotal insight into an environment that is traditional yet uncompromisingly modern, challenging yet surprisingly rewarding for the determined business professional. With information ranging from Korean cultural and historical background to business etiquette, women's status in the workplace, negotiations, hiring and firing, labor-management relations, motivating personnel, understanding Korean consumers, marketing, advertising and public relations, dealing with bureaucrats, selecting distribution systems, working within the Korean legal system, and plenty more, this book may not be a substitute for direct experience but is definitely an indispensable companion to it.In sales, we refer to this element as the a€œvalue proposition, a€ where the total value of the product or service is greater than the mere sum of the parts. Nonetheless, just a year later, the Hyundai Genesis was named a€œCar of the Yeara€ at theanbsp;...

Title:Doing Business in Korea
Author:Thomas L. Coyner
Publisher:Seoul Selection - 2010-07-23


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