Dodger for President

Dodger for President

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What would you do if your best friend was: 1. Still imaginary (and still an oversize blue chimp with major junk-food issues)? 2. Nominating you to run for class president - against the most popular kid in your grade? 3. In charge of your campaign posters...all blue, of course, including your face!? 4. Planning a magical secret weapon to help you win (not fair and square, right?)? 5. Driving you crazy?!?! Now you have an idea of what Willie Ryan's life is like as his adventures with Dodger continue. The last thing Willie wants to do is run for class president, but both his running mate, Lizzie, and Dodger won't let him quit - and have their own ideas of how to run a campaign, especially against James Beeks, Mr. Popularity. In this second installment of the Dodger and Me series, the humor runs high, the friendships run deep, and Dodger continues to run on French fries and good intentions.DODGER:Like, therewasthis science quiz. It was totally hard.Therewereall these, um, questions and stuff.And you had to fill in these little bubbles with letters next to them, but I really didna#39;t see what the letters had to do with the questions. ... But the answers would be all like A. Or B. Or C. Or even D. Dude, I dona#39;t know a whole lot about rocks, but even a chimp knows therea#39;s no kind of rock called a€œA Rock.

Title:Dodger for President
Author:Jordan Sonnenblick
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-06-23


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