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Imagine having the power to turn back time. Not 100 yearsa€”just 10 seconds. Enough to take back those embarrassing missteps and wrong answers. Elsaa€™s mom died suddenly one year ago, but she appears one night to grant Elsa do-over power. Elsa thinks she dreamt it until she utters the words the next morning and watches her whole world rewind 10 seconds. Elsa needs the do-over power to become cool at her new school. Ita€™s fun taking peoplea€™s answers and being a star student one day, and gossip queen the next. Even the ultra-popular Slice Girls want to be her friend now. Elsa can re-do anything until she gets it right. So why doesna€™t her new life feel so perfect? From the Hardcover edition.a€œToo high a price, if you ask me.aquot; He looked at me quizzically. ... Carter was coming toward me. She grabbed my arm and led me to a lunch table where Darcy, ]ade and ]en were sitting. ... a€œHey, that essay contest. Is anybody else entering?

Author:Christine Hurley Deriso
Publisher:Yearling - 2007-11-13


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