Do-It-Yourself High Performance Car Mods : Rule the Streets

Do-It-Yourself High Performance Car Mods : Rule the Streets

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Dream Hot Rod Inside and Out! Get revved up! Everything you need to know about building your dream hot rod is inside this book. You now have at your disposal the basic automotive techniques and tools necessary to install any modification to your car. Here's the fastest and easiest way to get started! Do-It-Yourself High-Performance Car Mods is designed to help you modify cars and light trucks for improved performance. While there are many books on individual systems on a car, this practical step-by-step guide provides you with a thorough working knowledge of ALL the systems in a single resource. Automotive journalist and experienced engineer Matt Cramer has created an invaluable reference for readers regardless of age or experience. Whether you're a hobbyist new to the world of performance cars or a veteran car enthusiast looking to take the next step, you will become better equipped to drive off in the car of your dreams. There's never been a simpler, more practical approach to modifying cars and light trucks, so you can do-it-yourself--and ultimately end up in the winner's circle! Do-It-Yourself High-Performance Car Mods includes valuable information on: How car systems work Simple ways to improve performance Getting more power out of your engine How to find reliable sources Separating marketing hype from reality Adjusting the engine components and controls for best performance How improving one area may impede anotherMost fuela€”injected engines have an electric fuel pump mounted inside the gas tank itself. This pump sends ... At the other end of the fuel rail is a fuel pressure regulator. This contains a ... Some newer fuel systems use a returnless fuel rail, which requires a different ... Throttle body injection is close to a self-contained EFl fuel system and a simple way to replace a carburetor. (Photo courtesy Edelbrock. )anbsp;...

Title:Do-It-Yourself High Performance Car Mods : Rule the Streets
Author:Matt Cramer
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2013-02-20


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